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Austcane Energy Ltd is proposing to construct Australia’s first dedicated Ethanol Distillery based on sugar cane. The location of the proposed plant is 373 Pelican Road, Mona Park, Queensland.

The project requires a capital investment of $240 million to be spent over a scheduled 24 month construction timeframe and will:

  • Process 1 million tonnes of sugarcane per season,

  • Produce approx 100 million litres per year of ethanol suitable for use in petroleum blends,

  • Produce 49,000 Mwh of cogeneration electricity from renewable energy sources for distribution into the Queensland electricity network,

  • Employ an average weekly workforce of 104 people during construction and 50 staff during operation,

  • Diversify Sugar Cane revenue to improve long term industry viability.

The current status of the project is

  • Conceptual design completed

  • Developmet approval completed and in place

  • Cane supply area identified and committed

  • Major process equipment suppliers selected

  • Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) completed

  • Some initial Detailed Design completed on major process equipment to ensure suitability

The next steps for the project are to establish an offtake agreement with an energy distibutor. This will enable financial approval for the commencement of construction.

The modular design of the plant can be replicated on other potential cane growing sites and once the plant is operational the company intends on expanding it’s operations into new and existing cane growing areas.

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