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Austcane Energy Ltd is a public limited company formed in January 2010  to own and operate an Ethanol and Electricty Co-generation production facility in the Burdekin Region of North Queensland. 

The shareholders of Austcane Energy Ltd are a mixture of Feedstock suppliers to the proposed plant and local business investors. 


The Board


Talbot Cox (Director / Engineering Co-ordinator)

Talbot has had a hands-on role in farming sugar cane in the Burdekin Region of North Queensland for 20 years. For the last 12 years he has been Manager of the Rocks Farming Company, responsible for all aspects of cane farming from planting through growing and harvesting. Throughout that period he has also managed a farm-based earthmoving business with total responsibility for the performance of all aspects including land clearing, bulk earthworks, channel and drain construction, pipeline laying and road infrastructure.  

In addition to on-farm responsibilities, Talbot was Managing Director of Star Crushing for 8 years, a Central Queensland Quarrying business operating 12 quarry sites with up to 80 employees. Star Crushing supplies gravel to mining and government projects throughout the Bowen Basin coal area.

Geoff Cox (Chairman)

Geoff is one of Australia's largest sugar cane producers and Chairman of the Rocks Farming Company which has interests in sugar, beef and earthmoving. Geoff's family has been farming in North Queensland for six generations, first as graziers and, for the past 40 years, as sugar cane farmers. He holds a Queensland Diploma of Agriculture.

Following a trip to Brazil in 2000, Geoff has actively pursued the establishment of an Australia Ethanol Industry. In 2004, with the support of 200 Burdekin cane growers, he founded Austcane Ltd to assess the feasibility of a new Ethanol factory in the Burdekin. Subsequently, in 2010, Geoff established Austcane Energy Ltd to turn this feasibility into reality.

Raymond Musumeci

Raymond Musumeci spent his early years in the family retail business and as such became quite versed in matters retail. He was Commodore and Vice Commodore of the Molongole Creek Boat Club for several years. Raymond is a third generation Cane farmer accumulating 32 years’ experience in the sugar industry and is a director of Austcane Energy Ltd.

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